Another HS Senior Portrait Shoot – May 2012

This photo shoot actually ended up in a different location than what we had originally planned.

We had the time and location all set up, but when we got down there, there was NO parking anywhere to be found at Balboa Park.   I gave my client the option to shoot another day or we could find another place.  She suggested a different area of Balboa Park, on the outskirts.  So I met her down there and we started looking around.   A house had caught our eyes and so we went over to the house and knocked on the door to ask permission to use their garden as a backdrop.  The occupants were not there and we weren’t even sure if someone lived there or not, or in the process of moving in.

We decided to shoot a few pictures there and took care not to disturb anything.   Then we wandered around and there was another house, the Marsdon house and I found some great scenery there, and finally ended up in Balboa Park itself, with just trees and grass.

So even though my “intended” shots for this photo shoot never panned out to be, I feel that we got MUCH better shots this way.  There were FAR less people around, the surroundings were so serene and it was just meant to be this way.

This is actually the 3rd time I’ve had the pleasure to photography this beautiful young woman, and she is SUCH a pleasure to photograph!



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